Monday, November 15, 2010

Vegan Mofo # 11 Mini Pizza's & A Restaurant Review

This is just a simple dinner of mini pizzas I made on ciabatta bread with marinara and Daiya cheese. The bowl contains soy boy tofu ravioli, which Matt really loves. This is not a culinary masterpiece, but sometimes convenience is necessary and still delicious.

Since my dinner post was so small I wanted to take this opportunity to review a new vegan friendly place in Chicago, Bricks on the Run

They have a restaurant called Bricks, that I assume because it is so popular they opened Bricks on the Run. It's a take and bake pizza joint & they deliver. They make sure you know it's take and bake when you call because I assume they have gotten quite a few complaints. I imagine a house full of drunk guys during Sunday afternoon football ordering a pizza and being super pissed that they have to cook it when it gets there.
Their vegan pizza comes with Daiya cheese and you get your choice of 3 veggies for toppings. We were just excited to get a vegan pizza delivered to the house we didn't really think about it being all that good. The pizza is actually awesome. It's a thin whole wheat crust, a great sauce and the key is to get roasted garlic as one of your toppings. It's actually not expensive, plus they send out mailer coupons and you can print coupons online. For my birthday we got 2 large vegan pizzas with a half off coupon for under 30 dollars, one with mushroom, roasted red pepper, and tomatoes, the other with spinach, mushroom, and the above mentioned roasted garlic. I then sprinkled Upton's seitan sausage on half of each pizza. Yes, I could make a pizza this good and probably better at home, but to finally have the convenience of making a phone call and having a vegan pizza at my doorstep in 20 minutes(even if it's not cooked) is really nice


MeghannFae said...

what's up with those raviolis? Are they at the Lincoln Park store?

anita riot said...

They are! They are so easy to make and really good.