Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Vegan MoFO # 13 Matt's Lunch

Since I cooked so much last night, tonight was leftovers. I decided to post a little blog about the lunch I make for Matt and what goes in it.

This is his lunch bag from the company Sugar Booger. They sell kids stuff, but there lunch bags are for kids and adults of all ages. I bought it at our favorite store, not only in Chicago, but anywhere. It's called Rudy's Roundup and it's advertised as a modern day general store. If I had to do a write up for the store it would say..The store you could go and find a gift for ANYONE, while shopping there you would spend equal amount of money on yourself. Also included would be that it's dog friendly, owned by one of the sweetest/coolest girls I have met in Chicago and they choose a different animal group to donate to each month. They will donate 25 cents toward the group for any customer who doesn't use a bag when checking out. They were also so generous with donations for the fundraiser I threw for the animal rescue group I help with, and on top of that came and bid on a bunch of silent auction stuff. Did I mention I LOVE this store....Ok back to lunch

Breakfast consists of one Odawalla bar in rotating strawberry/pomegranate, superfood, or berries go mega flavors

one orange juice, preferably this brand and the more pulp the better, but in the little guy's we can only find pulp-free

2 emergency packets, he is cool with most flavors but I have been told to never again get Acai Berry. "It smells like piss," were his exact words.

one sliced apple

one sandwich on whole wheat, right now he is big on the Yves turkey flavor

One Yummy Earth lollipop. I buy the assorted bag so he gets a new flavor everyday.

I usually try to put a special treat in his lunch, strawberry Mamba, which we've found out are vegan

I always write him a funny note in the morning and slip it in his lunch before I leave. I found this in his backpack and thought I could use it as an example. I love making comics, with me, Riot, and my crazy morning hair making an appearance.

That's it for now. I'll be back tomorrow and please feel free to comment. It really makes my day...


Tami said...

Love the lunchbag!

Islaborg said...

That's so nice, I wish would make me lunch everyday!

GiGi said...

What a nifty lunch and great note!