Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Vegan MoFo # 15 Tortilla Pizza

With today being the busiest day I have had all year at work, I decided on something super easy for dinner. I will also be working really early and cooking all day after work so I wanted something quick so I had enough Matt & Riot couch time before bed.

This is the pizza, on two tortillas to make the crust a little bit thicker and sturdier. I topped it with baby portabellas, uptons sausage, Daiya cheese, and the key ingredient: minced garlic.

Here it is out of the oven.

Ready for dinner on our super cute cheetah china.

So although this post is small, the next two days will be full of thanksgiving dishes, and some recipes of a few things that people have been asking me for for a very long time: Roasted garlic cauliflower mashers & seitan roulade will be making an appearance, among others. Roll up your sleeves and put on your aprons, 'cause tomorrow will be an epic day in the kitchen for many of us.

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